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The CAMP (College Athletics Meal Plan) App allows student athletes to pay for food, see the program restaurants and stay up-to-date with important program information.

Athletics staff can also send push notifications to specific teams and communicate any necessary information to the student athletes through the app.

The CAMP App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Tour the App

Download the app by searching “CAMP Athletics Meal” in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store or click the correct link for your device below.

Each student athlete is provided with a unique username and password to login to the app. You may login and test the app by using the following credentials:

  • UN: sample
  • PW: sample

When your school’s athlete logs in, your branding and colors will display on the app.

The student athlete pays by hitting the “Pay With Card” button and scanning on-screen barcode with merchant reader.

You have the option to include the student athlete’s picture on the payment screen as an alternative to a cashier ID check.

Athletics staff can send out push notifications by team or to all student athletes from a simple dashboard. Multiple user accounts can be set up for your program.

Push notifications can be used to communicate any information you feel is important (ie. meal dates, schedule changes, etc).

The store list displays the latest list of locations that accept the athletic meal program.

When the athlete clicks one of the restaurants it will display suggested menu items if any were inputted into the dashboard by your nutritionist.

Notes – The Notes tab is another way to communicate information to the student athletes (ie. workout information, nutritional tips, schedule changes, etc). The information can be sent to all athletes or to specific teams on our easy-to-use dashboard.

Rules – The rules tab displays all the NCAA and program specific rules for your athletics meal program.

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